18 X 24

This piece is available through
XANADU GALLERY in Scottsdale, Arizona

I was fortunate enough to study in England, and while living there, spent a long weekend in the Cotswolds with my landlady at her brother’s home. It felt as if the land embraced you and infused you with comfort. I have been back, many times and stayed at inns and explored and loved the area. But at no other time was I so removed from the main stage of the Cotswolds.
It was as if centuries fell away, and you were left with a sense of place like no other. The house was a renovated piggery, of all things. There were no other buildings in sight, and the property was used as a pheasant farm. The only request was not to disturb the birds!
At night the dark was profound, and the quiet a living breathing presence.
This cottage is nothing like the structure that once served as an outbuilding on a grand estate, but it is how it felt, now that I remember it.
Like others in this series, the motifs that I use are arranged to give on a sense of the scale and space that the memory inhabits. I also like this piece because of the strong colors and the use of vermilion in the shadows.