18 X 24

What is it about fish?
These guys are obviously enjoying themselves. I mean look at their happy faces. Right?
But, then again, think about it … fish don’t actually smile. They are just hatched out into the aquatic world with their smiley faces. They aren’t always what they seem.

Recall, if you will, the expression … something’s fishy!

Sort of makes you wonder doesn’t it? Sometimes the most beautiful of creatures are the most toxic. But, perhaps these guys are just dressed up for a night on the town … they look pretty spiffy after all.

However, I say that, in this instance, they are like the clowns of this underwater circus.
They dash around, entertaining us with their speed and acrobatic antics.
They do the synchronized swim thing and hypnotize us with their never ending silent grace.
They peacefully coexist, though they are as different … one from another as it is possible to be different one from another, and still be part of the fish family.

Here they also serve to illustrate the endless possibilities of line and shape and exotic colors and textures that exist in the world. We may never see these guys … this circus doesn’t come to town after all, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t out there putting on a spectacular show.