This big piece appears to have city states built on top of random stone work, stairs, and loose bits of technology. There is evidence of crumbled infrastructure that nevertheless serves to support the corporate body. And above it all Mother Nature has created a glorious sunny day.

In part the title refers to the obvious political and economic uneasiness that surrounds most of the world’s population.

However, at a different level it is about learning, as we age, how to live when we are impacted by major health issues, or loss of loved ones … or how to tie a knot and go on when life treats us to one indignity after another.

It also addresses the question of how we interact with the outside world, and how tenuous are the lines of communication between individuals … sometimes it seems as if the connections that we make with others are very delicate and a bit dicey to transverse.

I enjoy the sense of power that this piece brings by resolving chaos into a form of order … design overcoming disorder, as it were. At the same time, while it exudes a sense of stability and peace, upon closer inspection nothing is quite as stable as it would appear.