15 X 30

I guess I was channelling Grant Wood and Thomas Hart Benton as I was working on this piece. Or perhaps it is reminiscent of the WPA artists in general. Much of their work has a monumental feel to it.

When I started the painting, the sky was a normal sort of cloudy blue, but as time passed the clouds took on a life of their own, and became the feature of the piece. The clouds create a sense of movement and energy against the still landscape. The sense of frozen movement and monumentality come from the high contrasts and limited color palette in the piece. The crisp lines and rhythmic brush movement add to the otherworldly sensibility of the work. It is possible that the weather pictured here is either coming or going, but either way, the farm is silhouetted against the dark clouds by the light from behind the weather. The enormity of the weather juxtaposed against the fragile farm buildings recreates a feeling of vulnerability that is part of living in the heartland of America, and being at the mercy of whatever Mother Nature throws at you.

This piece is available through
CHESAPEAKE FRAMING CO. in Kensington MD 20895