30 X 24
OIL with tessera

Here all the light and color are of the natural world … a gift from Mother Nature. The rich oil colors were achieved using an underpainting of vermillion, yellow green, and cobalt turquoise. and then over-painted with thin washes of color to create a sense of depth. Is it a sun rise or sunset? It doesn’t really matter. The land takes its blessing from the sky at either end of the day.

On top of all this energetic color, I used cut outs … tessera … from an old defunct oil painting to construct the barn, outbuildings and fenceposts. Once glued to the canvas, the silhouettes created a feeling of separation between that which is man-made, and the natural world. It is an interesting effect, as the cutouts actually stand out on the face of the real world, occupying the ground but not part of it. It is as if the handiwork of man, no matter how significant, will never become more than attached to the real world.