30 X 24

This work is very much a product of how I actually see. And how I see is really about how myopic I am. I have an astigmatism that means everything at a distance is fuzzy and gently floating across my universe. However, up close I see minute detail very clearly. This piece plays with that concept of vision. At first glance the piece is yet another of my surreal moonscapes. But upon closer examination, it is a landscape that has been torn apart and put back together and then covered with makeup and made to look normal. It is as if a magnifying mirror … the mirror that shows your normal self on one side and your magnified self on the other … has been brought to bear on my imagination.

In that respect there is a slightly schizophrenic feeling about the piece. The underlying reconstruction never really goes away, but is always evident if you look at the work up close. The underlying nature of the fragmented surface is obscured by distance and presents a sort of normalized image of itself. We all have private and public images of ourselves, and this work … in its own way … addresses that. Whatever it is that constitutes our most basic selves is only visible when we are up close and personal.

This piece is available through
CHESAPEAKE FRAMING CO. in Kensington MD 20895