14 X 11

This is a scene of spidery stilt houses at low tide, cobbled together for mutual support and surrounded by silted sand as well as the random flotsam that can appear so unexpectedly after strong tides. As such it is an image of the calm that occurs at the turn of the tide along any seacoast. There is a wonderful sense of anticipation that hovers over the landscape as the pull of the moon draws the flood of water creeping back. Inevitably, time and tide will bring a tremendous surge of energy, roiling the sand and churning up calm water. Everything will change and alter, and then alter again until, eventually the sun will be reflected on the newly minted mirror of the sea at low tide once again.

Conversely, the same scenario might be seen as an image of a low tide of emotions. It could be a portrait of isolation and desertion. The colorless wash of sky and sand, instead of being calm, could be construed as bloodless and pallid. The lack of contrast that I used was intentional. It is a study of two diametrically opposed concepts that are pictured using the same image. Which one you choose to see doesn’t alter the reality of the other.