30 X 40

Moon light has an interesting effect on the world that it illuminates. What was recognizable and familiar in daylight, becomes other worldly and surreal when brought to life after dark.
The monumentality of the earth, and the highlighted bits and pieces around us, take on a different form when we go out after dark.
This piece is about being in Prince Edward Island after dark, and watching the moon bring to life the extremes of the ocean as it comes up against the soft fields and landscapes of the Island Province.
The sense of a vast and monumental ocean beating against the soft landscape is exhilarating. There is no beach of malleable sand to soften the line between earth and sea, no roads and houses to protect you from the elements. And though there is no crashing surf, the power of the two elements is very evident.
Here the earth really does take a stand, and the moon gives it a movie-time quality