24 X 39
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XANADU GALLERY in Scottsdale, Arizona
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This piece is a wonderful configuration of all my childhood memories of the landscape that surrounded my grandparent’s farm. I was often left for the weekend, being the right age to fend for myself and not be bored. So my brothers and sisters went about their business, and I was driven around the area by my fearless grandmother who had taught herself to drive before there were laws pertaining to driver’s licenses. To say that she took her part of the road from the middle, is an understatement … but I digress.

To maintain sanity and not be carsick, I studied the landscape intently and burned into my memory the images of rolling hills and shade producing trees, and shadows cast by isolated farm houses. Grant Wood, also from that area, has replicated the almost smug tidiness of that era of farm life. While this is by no means an accurate picture of the farmland of central Iowa, it recreates the sense of rightness that permeates my memory.
As a child, I felt that I really was at the top of the world … and who is to say that I was not.