This piece is available through
XANADU GALLERY in Scottsdale, Arizona

The impact of weather approaching over the long flat expanses of the Midwest has a very unique feel, and it is a very strong visual memory.
My family spent some time in Kansas City, Kansas. I was initially amazed that it was so cosmopolitan and yet a heartbeat away you were in the plains … looking at farmland for as far as you could see.
That was a long time ago of course, and I’m sure much has changed … but the memory is still as strong as ever.
This piece expresses much the same sense of an unchanging and changeable world. The sense of an invincible and staunch world at the mercy of weather and circumstances is never more visible than in the lone barns and homes that dot the landscape of the plains. 
I like the concept of the buildings standing strong against whatever weather comes.  
These barns are seasoned warriors.
They hang in there whatever comes.