A Slice of Summer


This piece is available through
CHESAPEAKE FRAMING CO. in Kensington MD 20895

This latest piece of my Sticks and Stones collection.
The working title is “A SLICE OF SUMMER”.
This is a real study of color and the power that it has to draw us into a memory.

This dream-like spot at the edge of a backwater, reminds me of the hot, still, endless summer days of my childhood.
Before the advent of air conditioning, we spent all of our time outdoors.
This piece reminds me of those long August days, when the light became incandescent and your skin felt golden … as if awash in hot colors that had been faded by the hot sunshine.

Once in a while the family would take a ride and spend the day beside the river to get some cooler air and the sun worked its magic on the water in amazing ways.
The sun created reflections that made one feel as if the air was liquid. It shimmered and glazed over the water and made the shoreline sparkle with jewels wherever it rippled over rocks.

And, wherever you were, the stillness of the air was omnipresent.
It was as if the world was holding its breath waiting for the sun to pass by.

So, this work is less about the place and more about a the vagaries of memory, those elusive flashes of remembered moments … like a moment when the world stood still and color became so intense one could almost taste it.